Trick Shots by Sarge


(reprinted from June Issue 2003)

by: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

Ken "Sarge" Aylesworth

This month we are going to explore one of the harder Disciplines Bank/Kick. My first four articles on Artistic Pool were from the four easier Disciplines. The four easier Disciplines are performed on the first day of our two day, North American Artistic Pool Continental Qualifier for the World Championship. Starting this month I’ll be covering the four harder Disciplines that are performed on the second day, Bank/Kick, July – Stroke, August – Jump, and September – Masse. One of my greatest accomplishments is that I hold the World Record for: Most points scored for the four hardest Disciplines of Artistic Pool (Masse, Jump, Stroke and Bank/Kick), for all continental qualifiers ever held. I set this record in October 2001 during the North American Continental Qualifier held at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California.

Trick Shot Diagram

Onto this month’s shot that had a Degree of Difficulty, (D.O.D.) of 6. Object ball letter coincides with corresponding pocket letter. To set this shot up position the object ball B in the center of the table. The cue ball is placed on the vertical centerline, plus one diamond segment from pocket B. The objective of this shot is to shoot the cue ball to B ball. Object ball B will bank to cushion #4, then to #2 cushion, then back to #4 and finally be made in B pocket. A scratch is allowed. Here are some helpful hints on executing this shot. I use a touch of low and a lot of left English on this shot. I aim the cue ball at ball B for approximately a ¾ ball aim. On this shot you will use a hard stroke. Ball B travels 14 diamonds of distance before being pocketed. If you over cut ball B it won’t reverse back to cushion 4, so pay close attention to what the object ball does. Aim to hit ball B fuller if it doesn’t reverse, or use a little more left English.
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