Pattern Play Puzzle

Pattern Play Puzzle:  Quick Improvement by Playing Smarter

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Mike Fieldhammer

When I practice, I do it at home and usually alone. My routine on my 9 foot Diamond Pro Am with Simonis 860 cloth is mainly straight pool. I always encourage people to try adding some 14.1 into their training. The benefits are many-fold.

  • Learn to build runs of many balls
  • Learn the importance of finesse and fine position accuracy
  • Learn to minimize cue ball movement
  • Learn ultra focus on seemingly simple shots
  • Learn to pocket the object ball and trust the cue ball to take care of the rest of its job
  • Many more to be added here from reader suggestions

All of these things that can be worked on by practicing straight pool will build pattern knowledge that can be applied to any game. I see so many players who can pocket balls well and have a decent stroke get into all kinds of trouble by shooting the balls off in the wrong order.

What order would you shoot these balls off to leave yourself a good break shot for a chance to continue your run?  Examine the puzzle and leave your answer in the comment section of my blog at and see what others have thought.

The balls from left to right are 4, 14, 7, 13, 1, 10, and 12.

Pattern Play Puzzle

Photo Caption:  Pattern Play Puzzle. (Link to larger photo online if necessary)

Learning pattern play through 14.1 practice can be priceless. It also happens to be a great game that challenges players of any ability.

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