Midwest 9-Ball Tour

Tournament results: Side Pockets 1st Annual Handicap 9-Ball Tournament, Wichita, Ks Oct 2-3, 2010

(picture: left to right: Jesse James, Cliff Brown, Jr.)

38 players – $2000 Added
1st $900 Jesse James, Bartlesville, OK (8)
2nd 630 Cliff Brown, Jr., Wichita, KS (10)
3rd 400 Paul Bounsana, Wichita, KS (9)
4th 280 Larry Kaub, Ottawa, KS (8)
5-6th 175 K.C. Massey, Yukon, OK (10)
5-6th 175 L.V. Abernathy, Salina, KS (10)
7-8th 100 Sam Cole, Emporia, KS (8)
7-8th 100 Greg Johnson, Augusta, KS (7)

hot seat: Jesse James defeats Paul Bounsana 8-7, quarter-finals: Cliff Brown, Jr. defeats Larry Kaub 10-7
semi-finals: Cliff Brown, Jr. defeats Paul Bounsana 10-5
1st set of finals: Cliff Brown, Jr. defeats Jesse James 10-7
2nd set of finals: Jesse James defeats Cliff Brown, Jr. 8-7

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