Texas Amateur Tour

Texas Amateur Tour Announces 2010-2011 Schedule

Attached is the tour dates for the tourney trail, the contact phone number as 832-725-9750…

Nov.6-7  the tourney will be held at Slick Willies…..

Tourney start times  1:00

Texas Amateur Tour


NO PROS/NO MEN’S MASTERS(or anyone else deemed as one)

For more info contact Brent Thomas at 832-725-9750

Amateur Event $40 entry (includes $5 green fee & 5 Reg. fee)

$500 minimum added to all events

Race to 9/7, Alternate breaks

Womens Open $25 entry ( No green fee & No reg. fee)

$300 AddedRaces to 7/5, Alternate breaks

All Women welcome

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