Mezz Pro Am at Mr Cues Billiards

(photo: Winner Matt Krah, Owner Scott Murphy, 2nd Place finisher Oscar Bonilla)

Mezz Pro -Am tour made its way to Mr Cue Billiards in Lindenhurst NY on
Aug 1, 2010. A strong but small field came  out to play.  Players like
Matt Krah, Oscar Bonilla, Mhet Vergara, Jeremy Sossei, and Zion Zvi.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Matt Krah with wins over Victor
Nau 7-5, Paul Johnson 7-6 and Diana Rojas 7-5.  Leading the bottom half
of the bracket was Mhet Vergara with wins over Zion Zvi 7-6,and Jeremy
Sossei 7-5.  Playing for the hot seat was Mhet Vergara VS Matt Krah
this was a great match with Matt Krah winning 7-5 and sending Mhet to
the one lost side.

Making the move on the one lost side was Oscar Bonilla with wins over
Paul Johnson 7-3, Jose Soto 7-3, Jeremy Sossei 7-3, Blair Lavandowski
7-3, and Mhet Vergara 7-6 to get to the Finals.

In the finals it was Oscar Bonilla VS Matt Krah, Oscar Has to beat Matt
twice to win the event, in the first set it was Oscar Bonilla winning
7-4. In the second set it was Matt Krah showing off his ob cue and
showing everyone what he can do with it, winning the set easily 7-2 to
win the event.

Matt Krah would like to thank his sponsor OB Cues for their sponsorship
and ongoing support.  I would like to thank all the players for coming
out.  And all the tour sponsors

1st          Matt Krah                $500
2nd         Oscar Bonilla           $275
3rd          Mhet Vergara           $170
4th          Blair Lavandowski     $70

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