Crazy 8’s Results


(Photo: Kyu Yi, Kim White)

The Lone Star Billiards Tour visited Tony Nguyen’s million dollar creation, Crazy 8’s Pool Hall, on June 5th-6th and played host to 44 Open players, 8 One Pocket players, and 12 Ladies. It was a record event for the brand new room nestled, all by itself, on almost four acres of land in the heart of Port Arthur. The Tour paid out over $8,700 in prize money and Eugene Lee’s Lone Star Live Stream posted a record number of viewers over the weekend.  Tour superstars Sylver Ochoa (TX), Charlie Bryant (TX), James Davis Jr. (TX), Derek Fontenot (LA), Gary Abood (LA), and Jason Abate (LA) were all in attendance.

One Pocket play finished around 10:30 pm Saturday night with Ochoa in the hot seat and Abood v. Bryant on the one-loss side. The Open 9-Ball also played down to its final 12 (in the money) and to be continued on Sunday.  Final 12 surprises were Houston’s own Viet Do and Eric Renteria who made the cut along with Bryant, Davis, Abood, Mike Alonzo, Abate, and tour newcomer Troy Woodard.  Ochoa, Fontenot, John Newsome, and Aaron Remijio waited in the left wing, but when the dust settled it was Bryant v. Abood for the hot seat and Eric Renteria v. Ochoa in the quarter final.

Photo: Charlie Bryant, Gary Abood, Owner Tony Nguyen

In Sunday’s first One Pocket match, Bryant bested Abood and moved on to play Ochoa in the final.  It was a hill hill thriller and anyone’s game until Bryant made an unforced foul and relinquished control of the game, and the victory. In the Open hot seat match, Gary Abood came back from 8-4 then executed a phenomenal hill hill run to close it out.  Renteria gave Ochoa a run for his money but Ochoa overcame a 6-2 deficit and captured the win.  The semi saw yet another hill hill match with Ochoa and Bryant.  In the end it was a rematch between Bryant and Abood.  From the start, Abood controlled the table and the set.  He bested Bryant 9-5 and took home his first Lone Star Tour victory. Congratulations to Gary Abood for his impeccable play and sportsmanship throughout the entire event. LSBT would also like to recognize Eric Renteria and Aaron Remijio on their highest finishes to date.  Well done!

The ladies also demanded center stage when Kyu Yi and Courtney Peters played on the stream table for the hot seat. It was 6-6 when Peters missed an eight-nine combo and Yi took it home. Meanwhile, Loretta Lindgren made fast work of it on the one-loss side with four consecutive wins until she met up with Peters. Yi faced off with Peters once more and secured a final 7-5 victory.  Congratulations to Kyu Yi and runner-up Courtney Peters for a well fought event!

LSBT wants to thank Tony Nguyen and Crazy 8’s Pool Hall for their hospitality and having the vision to build a pool room tailor made for the greatest of play. Many thanks go out to the official cue of the LSBT and touring pro Kim White, Poison Cues; LSBT official rack, Delta-13; and billiard philanthropist James Barnett, official sponsor of the LSBT Women’s Events.

The next event will be 10-Ball, One Pocket, and Ladies 9-Ball held at Q-Stix Billiards on June 19th-20th. For more information visit


Open 9-Ball

1st Gary Abood $700

2nd Charlie Bryant $460

3rd Sylver Ochoa $350

4th Eric Renteria $230

5th-6th James Davis Jr., Aaron Remijio $116 ea.

7th-8th John Newsome, Derek Fontenot $89 ea.

9th-12th Troy Woodard, Jason Abate, Mike Alonzo, Viet Do $80 ea.

13th-16th David Coates, Heath Bartley, Dino Little, Gary Medlin

17th-24th Billy Nghie, Tony Nguyen, Mike Marshall, Ryan Foreman, Jason Bacon, Gilbert Rojas, Brian Rosenbaum, John Do

24th-32nd Butch, Jeff Fox, Thomas Juarez, Adam Farr, Chuck Pham, Mark Richardson, Richard Hernandez, Chris Modisette

One Pocket Payouts:

1st Sylver Ochoa $500

2nd Charlie Bryant $300

Ladies Payouts:

1st Kyu Yi $260

2nd Courtney Peters $150

3rd Loretta Lindgren $80

4th Tasha Salandanan $40

5th-6th Rebecca Arcangeli, Heather Bryant

7th-8th Lyndi Morris, Kristine Bobbie

9th-12th Mo Tran, Hien Chong, Amy Nguyen, Sandra Melo

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