Pearson Attempts to Set New World Record

Dave Pearson, "The Ginger Wizard"

Wednesday June 2nd during the 30th Annual VNEA International Championships at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV, Dave Pearson “The Ginger Wizard” attempted to break the world record for running 10 racks. Before a crowd of some 300 onlookers and local ABC TV station, Dave restarted 27 times to beat the existing mark in Guiness World Records. He was overheard telling Tom Rossman, “Dr Cue” who was timing him, Please stop me after this rack or I will pass out. Dave sat in on the OTBnTV Singles Finals LIVE Streaming to promote his world record attempt on Sunday May 30th. He missed the record by 5 seconds and with one penalty of 5 seconds, a total of 10 seconds over the existing mark.

Crowd watching Dave's attempt

OTBnTV wishes Dave good luck on the next try. It was unfortunate that OTBnTV could not film him LIVE in his attempt to break the world record.

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