BCA Warm-up Team Event is a Success at Stingers

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The Vegas BCAPL National Championship is fast approaching and players around the world are getting the much needed practice time in now.  In Arizona there have been numerous tournaments for Singles and Scotch Doubles and they will continue up until the Players start leaving in less than 2 weeks.  Stingers Bar & Grill in Glendale, AZ, is the only room in the state that has the same exact equipment as the National Tournament.  7′ Diamond Pro-cut Bar Tables, in which they have 10 of them in a 7,000 sq ft. room.

On May 1st, Stingers in conjunction with AZPoolScene.com hosted a BCA Warm-up for Teams.  8 teams came out with most of them taking advantage of the discounted entry fee in hopes of getting that much needed team pressure in hopes that it would give them the convidence you need at the National level.

Play started right after the players meeting at Noon and some tough matches were drawn right out of the gates.  Tom Ryan’s team drew the 2nd place team from the 2008 AZBCA in Crazy Earl’s Chosen Few, but were not rattled in anyway as they jumped out to a 10-2 lead and then held on for the 13-10 victory.  The River City Poison knocked off team BABS, No Flash Photography knocked off the 43rd Ave Tavern Bulldozers and JJ’s Hammerheads defeated the Knobby’s Cactus Flowers.

In the Next Round there were two really great match-ups.  JJ’s faced No Flash Photography, who was playing out of their home room and just finished runner-up in latest BCA League on the same tables.  JJ’s jumped out to a 5 – 1 lead on the backs of big wins by Bernie Store and Steve Stowers only to see the lead disappear quickly.  JJ’s once again created a little cushion at 8 – 5, but were unable to get anything going after that as No Flash snapped off 8 consecutive wins in getting to the hotseat match.  The other winners side match started out well for The River City Poison winning 2 of the first 3 games, but Tom Ryan’s quickly showed that they were there to win as they made an unbelieveable run in winning every single game from there to get to the hotseat match.

Over on the one loss side of the board, both of the all women’s teams were able to score some big wins in preparation for their Vegas run in the Women’s Bracket.  BABS sent Yuma packing in a very close battle at the same time as the Cactus Flowers sent the 43rd Ave Bulldozers back down the street from Stingers.  In the next Round both of the Ladies Teams were eliminated by identical 13-2 scores to the hands of the River City Poison and JJ’s Hammerheads.

In the battle to get into the money, River City and JJ’s faced off with the Poison winning 6 of the first 7 racks.  JJ’s was able to play even from there on out but never was able to make up for the slow start and finished in 4th place with a score of 13 – 7.

The Hotseat Match was the last match of the day on Saturday as the top 3 teams would return on Sunday to finish the tournament.  Tom Ryan’s won the flip and broke the entire first round.  Unfortunately for them, they ended up losing 4 of those games.  In Round 2, Tom Ryan’s was able to break the serve back in scoring 3 or the 5 wins.  At the end of Round 3, No Flash Photography held a 1 game lead at 8 – 7.  This is when they started to really “Poore” it on as No Flash took 5 of the next 6 games in securing the Hot Seat and the extra 2 hours of rest on Sunday as the finals were scheduled for 3 p.m.

Starting at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Tom Ryan’s faced The River City Poison in the battle to get into the real money.  3rd Place paid out $100 where as 2nd place paid $340 and 1st paid $700.  With all the sidepots 1st place paid out $1300 and 2nd paid out $420, mainly because of the $100 Winner Take All Sidepot which totalled $400.  Once again Tom Ryan’s won the toss and would break first.  This time they used this to their advantage as they won the first 4 games and Dean ran out the 5th rack only to see the cueball carom off a stripe and scratch as the 8-ball fell.  This slight setback didn’t rattle the team though and they ran out from everywhere and took advantage of each and every mistake the Poison made.  River City finished in 3rd place with a score of 13 – 3.

In the finals Tom Ryan’s was looking to get some revenge on No Flash Photography and they wasted no time in the first of two sets in which they would have to win to take 1st place.  They jumped out to a huge lead and put the pressure on in every game to win the 1st set by a score of 13 – 4.  At this point Tom Ryan’s might have felt their luck was running out and offered to Split the 1st and 2nd place purse with No Flash Photography.  The two teams shared the $1720 purse.

Stingers wants to wish all the players heading to Vegas Good Luck and hopes Arizona represents well.  Stingers offers In-House BCA Leagues on Tuesday and Wednesday Nights.  Matches are handicapped in a unique format and all matches are in a race format just like the State and National Tournaments.  Tuesdays league is a 4 person team and Wednesday’s are 5 person.  Each league will begin the 2nd week of June.  If you would like more information on the leagues, please send an email to AZPoolScene@hotmail.com.

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