Perell takes New England 9-Ball Championship

Perell takes New England 9-Ball Championship

Ernest Perell, Randy Labonte

Ernest Perell, a C+ handicap player, defeated an A+ opponent – Randy Labonte – twice to go undefeated and capture the New England 9-Ball Championships on Sunday, April 18. The $1,000-added, New England 9-Ball Series  event, with a total purse of $2,920, drew 64 players to Legends Billiards in Portsmouth, NH.

Perell took out a B+ player, Rich Senna, with a 4-4 win among the winners’ side final four to get into the hot seat match versus Labonte, who’d just sent Paul Linteras west 6-1. Perell gained the hot seat with a 4-5 win over Labonte.

On the one-loss side, Senna drew Greg Murry, who’d defeated Rich Minichello 5-3 and Kevin Sun 5-2. Nick Connor, who’d shutout John Smith and defeated Andy Maynard 5-2 squared off against Linteras. Murry made Senna’s journey west a one-stop operation, defeating him 5-3, while Linteras dropped Connor into the tie for fifth place 4-3. In the quarterfinals that followed, Linteras defeated Murry 4-2.

Labonte had allowed Linteras only a single rack in the earlier meeting among the winners’ side final four. In the semifinals, he gave up even less, shutting Linteras out 6-0 for a second chance against Perell.

Their second meeting was a duplicate of their first in the hot seat match. Perell defeated Labonte 4-5 again to take home the first place prize.

1st Ernest Perell $1,050

2nd Randy Labonte $550

3rd Paul Linteras $300

4th Greg Murry $200

5th Nick Connor $125

Rich Senna

7th Andy Maynard $75

Kevin Sun

9th Gareith Steel $60

Nelson Olivera

Rich Minichello

John Smith

13th Cleiton Rocha $45

Ryan Hodsen

Joe Dupuis

Rob James

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