Dominic Noe Takes Rileys

(Picture Owner Chris Riley Co-Champions Josh Brothers and Dominic Noe)

Mezz Pro-Am Tour made its way to Rileys Concord Billiards in Boothwyn
PA on Sunday March 28, 2010.
A field of 41 players came out to play players like:  Josh Brothers,
Dominic Noe, Joey Testa, Eddie Abraham, Matt Krah, Brandon Slualis,
Adam Kielar, Denise Reeve, Bob Burt, and Marty Ciccia to name a few.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Dominic Noe with wins over
Bruce Nagle 7-4, William McWilliams 7-4, Joey Testa 7-4 and Brandon
Slualis 7-6.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Bob Burt with
wins over Shawn Mankovich 7-1, Abdellatif Chamseddine 7-5, Todd March
7-3 and Marty Ciccia 7-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Dominic Noe Vs Bob Burt this was a good
match with Noe being down 4-1 to come back to win the match 7-4 sending
Bob Burt to the one lost side.  The big story was Josh Brothers after
losing to Brandon Slualis 7-5, Brothers went on a winning streak
beating Adam Kielar 7-3, Joey Testa 7-5, Marty Ciccia 7-6, Brandon
Slualis 7-2 and Bob Burt 7-0 to get to the Finals.

In the finals it was Josh Brothers Vs Dominic Noe both players decided
to be co-champions, I would like to thank all the players that came out
and Mezz Cue for their ongoing support

1st            Dominic Noe               $900
1st            Josh Brothers             $900
3rd            Bob Burt                    $300
4th            Brandon Slualis          $200
5/6            Trenton Marty Ciccia   $120
Matt Krah                    $120
7/8           Joey Testa                   $80
Eddie Abraham             $80
9th          Wali Muhammad           $50
Derek Schwager           $50
Todd March                   $50
Jay Paranich                 $50

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