Idaho State VNEA Championship

Lewiston, ID

The mens division of the Idaho state VNEA tourney drew approx 95

participants & the women drew 26.

8 Ball Women

8 Ball:

1st, Heidi Berthalot;

2nd, Schon Hartung;

3rd, Dorothy Nash;

4th, Rebecca Douglass (not pictured)

9 Ball Women

9 Ball:

1st, Dorothy Nash;

2nd, Candy Zeleny;

3rd, Suzanne Mackey;

4th, Kim Anderson

8 Ball Men

8 Ball:

1st, Tony Waters;

2nd, Shane Shoemaker;

3rd, Rob Hart (not pictured);

4th, Josh Smith (not pictured)

9 Ball Men

9 Ball

1st Oscar Jr

2nd Ralph T

3rd Josh Smith

Scotch Doubles

Scoth Doubles:

1st, Sam Kirsh & Candy Zeleny;

2nd, Marvin & Dorothy Nash;

3rd, Oscar Guerrero & Heidi Phipps (not pictured);

4th, Roger & Kim Anderson (not pictured)

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