Jae Hyung Cho USBA National Champion

(pictured: Miguel Torres, Jae Hyung Cho, Pedro Piedrabuena)

The USBA crowned its National 3 Cushion Champion over the weekend and OTBnTV was on hand to LIVE Stream the event and bring the world of carom billiards to a worldwide audience via the internet Webcast. The winner was Jae Hyung Cho from Colorado who defeated Pedro Piedrabuena from California in a hard fought final match.

Dr Cue performs for the crowd

Dr Cue Tom Rossman, played in the tournament and entertained the spectators with a trick shot exhibition on Friday after the 1st round of play. Everyone enjoyed the show.

2010 USBA National Championship

Final Placement and Prizes

1st – Jae Hyung Cho $3700

OTBnTV Booth

2nd – Pedro Piedrabuena $3100

3rd – Miguel Torres $2600

4th – Sonny Cho $2200

5th – Mazin Shooni $1800

6th – Michael Kang $1500

7th – Carlos Hallon $1200

8th – Min Jae Pak $1000

9th – George Ashby $ 800

10th – John Jacobson $ 700

High Run: 11 points

Pedro Piedrabuena $ 50

Michael Kang $ 50

Best Game: 1.905 (40/21)

Jae Hyung Cho $ 100

Best General Average: 1.232

Pedro Piedrabuena $ 100

Total Prize Fund $18,900

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