Blaze Tour Stop #2

(Picture Randy Schwager and Sharon O’Hanlon)

Blaze ABCD Tour made its second tour stop on Saturday Feb 13th at One Shot Billiards in Somerset NJ, A strong field came out to play players like Randy Schwager, Derek Schwager, Victor Nau, Wali Muhammad, Sharon O’Hanlon and Erin McManus.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Sharon O’Hanlon with wins over John Spencer 7-3, Ralph Panuzzo 7-2, Victor Nau 7-4, and Wali Muhammad 7-0.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Randy Schwager with wins over Bob Negron 7-4 and Michael Praseutsy 7-3, and Derek Schwager 7-3.

Playing for the hot seat was Sharon O’Hanlon and Randy Schwager but this match was all Randy Schwager from the start winning easily 7-3 to get the hot seat and sending O’Hanlon to the one lost side.  Waiting for Sharon O’Hanlon on the one lost side was Wali Muhammad this was a great match with O’Hanlon coming away with the win 7-5 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Schwager Vs O’Hanlon in order for O’Hanlon to win the event she would have to beat Schwager twice the first set was all O’Hanlon as she won 7-5 the second set didn’t happened both Sharon O’Hanlon and Randy Schwager decided to be co-champions.

1st            Randy Schwager        $495.00
1st            Sharon O’Hanlon       $375.00
3rd           Wali Muhammad        $185.00
4th           Victor Nau                  $140.00
5th           Erin McManus            $50.00
5th           Derek Schwager          $50.00

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