Central Carolina 9 Ball Classic

Results of the first Central Carolina 9 Ball Classic

We had a great turnout for the first ever Central Carolina 9 Ball Classic at Gate City Billiards Club in Greensboro, NC.   51 players entered the event, many local but many from out of state, all seeking the promised $1,500 minimum 1st prize.  It drew a strong field of players including, BJ Ussery, Scott Lewis, Tony Morrison, Eddie Little, Derek Leonard, Jeff Pruitt, and many more.

This was a one day single elimination event with a race to 9 in all but the final which had a race to 11.  The tournament started at 2:00 EST Saturday, January 23rd and ended just before midnight.

Eddie Little out lasted BJ Ussery in the finals to take home the 1st place prize, a total of $2,000 (purse plus auction).  BJ walked away with $1,000 total prize money for 2nd place.

Below are the results:

In the quarter finals (Losers won $110 each):

Adam Stanton defeated Paul Mullins 9 to 7

Eddie Little defeated Scott Lewis 9 to 6

Bob Strandburg defeated Sidney Champion 9 to 6

BJ Ussery defeated Jason Hayward 9 to 8

In the semi finals (Losers won $500 total each):

Eddie Little defeated Adam Stanton 9 to 8

BJ Ussery defeated Bobby Strandburg 9 to 2

In the finals (BJ earned $1,000 total and Eddie won $2,000 total):

Eddie Little defeated BJ Ussery 11 to 9

Sponsoring this event was:

Southeast Tech Fore (Mike Orrell) $1,000 towards purse

Gate City Billiards Club (Don Liebes) $500 towards purse

Sign Language (Tommy Lyles) provided t-shirts for all of the participants

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