Shlemperis takes Castle Billiards

Castle Billiards – E Rutherford, NJ

December 26, 2009

Wilson Cruz cruised into the hot seat without much difficulty other than a hill-hill match with Jake Schwartz. Having sent Dave Shlemperis west in the hot seat match, Dave patiently waited to get his revenge. Eventually he met Pete Brennan in the match to see who went to the finals. He made quick work of it beating Brennan 6-1. in the extended race finals, Shlemperis opened with a 9 on the snap, then extended the lead to 8-0 before Cruz won a rack.  It ended 10-4 and Shlemperis went home with the large plaque.

1st  $600  Dave Shlemperis

2nd  $400  Wilson Cruz

3rd  $220  Pete Brennan

4th  $150  Scott Simonetti

5/6  $100  Jake Schwartz, Ra Hanna

7/8  $75  Jerry Tarrantola, Annie Flores

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