Cole Claims Win At Mr. Cues II

(photo L-R Rick Sweet, Joseph Cole, Sean Davis)Dec 19-20th, 2009-The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour was at Mr.Cues II in Atlanta Ga for its $1500 Added Event.  The weekend would draw in players  from around the region.  The pool filled weekend would rack up 128 player entries and payout over $5600 dollars to the players that made it to the top of the field in the different events offered this weekend.

Friday Night’s Amateur only mini tournament would draw in 32 players.   The event featured a $10 entry for the players.  Horace” Groundhog” Godwin would claim first place in the mini.

Saturday would kick off with The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tours $1500 Added event.  It hosted 67 players who would battle their way across the brackets in an effort to come back on the second day of the event in the money.   The Semi Finals and Finals of this event had all sitting on the edge of the seats as Sean Davis and Jonathon Tedder went hill/hill in the semi finals.

The Finals would also see some action as Joseph Cole, who had gone undefeated across the top half of the brackets, would lose set 1 in the double elmination format that is standard on The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour.  Cole would fall behind in set 2 and have to work his way back to claim the win.

Bobby ConnorThe Saturday Night Ring Game would draw in 10 entries with first place going to Bobby Connor Jr.  Connor earned $650.

Sunday would offer players a second chance in The Viking Cue Mini.  The event would draw in 14 players bidding for the chance at taking home some prize money for the weekend.  The event would be won by David Shadden.

View the brackets and payouts for this event here.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank Susan, Rick and Mandy Sweet for carrying on the legacy of Mr Richard Sweet.  Mr Cues II Billiards in Atlanta, Ga has always been the greatest room in the Atanta area and it is obvious that nothing is going to change as The Sweet family carries on the tradition.

Rick Sweet also added he looks forward to carry on the tradition of hosting The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour at Mr. Cues II he added it is one of the most organized and well run events as well as always a pleasurable event for himself, his staff and the players.

David Shadden and John MaikkeThanks to all the players that came out this weekend.  We are currently working on the details and finalization of the upcoming Memorial Tournament for Richard Sweet as soon as we can the dates will be released.  If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive updates about this event as well as other upcoming events please submit your email in the right upper corner of this website.

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