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Crown Cues

Crown Cues

Crown Cues is offering 15% off through the end of 2009!  This great special applies to all cues, whether finished, in-progress, or custom orders.  That’s $15 off every $100, which adds up FAST!

We’ve sponsored quite a few live streams in 2009.  The goal is to help the live streams, such as OTBnTV or ontherailtv.com to remain free to the viewers.  We want everyone to be able to watch pool tournaments on live stream, because not everyone can be there to watch their son, brother, friend, etc..
We were honored to be sponsors of two major streams, this year.  One was the Olhausen 3 Cushion Open tournament, streamed by Steven Elzinga and the other was the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Pool Cup III and Search for Cue-Dean-E, which was streamed by Ray Hansen of Cue & A Promotions.  This was the very first artistic pool event ever to be streamed and it was a great success.
We plan to sponsor many other great streams in the future.  Even when we’re not sponsoring, you can often find us in the chat room.  So, keep an eye on the live streams.  We’d also like to thank all the other sponsors of live streams.  We could not win this battle alone.  Remember to support the stream sponsors, so they can continue sponsoring the steams and keep them free for all to view.
Stop by crowncues.biz to check out our great holiday sale.  See you in January’s issue!

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