Vidal Wins Skyline

Blaze 9 Ball Tour made it’s way to Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn NY on Sunday November 1,  2009 a strong field came out to play, players like:  Marcus Chamat, Marc Vidal, Rob Pole, Mike Miller, Bill Gallagher, Victor Nau and Carl Khan.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Marc Vidal with wins over Caroline Pao 7-5, Tony Lian 7-3, and Victor Nau 7-3.  Leading the bottom half the bracket was Marcus Chamat with wins over Barry Banks 7-4, Jorge Rodriquez 7-5, Mike Miller 7-1, and Micheal Wong 7-1.

Playing for the hot seat was Marc Vidal and Marcus Chamat. This was a good match with Chamat winning 7-5, and sending Vidal to the one lost side. On the one lost side it was Victor Nau waiting for Marc Vidal this was a good match with Vidal winning 7-5 to get back to the finals.

In the finals it was Marcus Chamat Vs Marc Vidal, Vidal has to beat Chamat twice to win the event. The first match went hill hill with Vidal winning 7-6. The second set also went hill hill with Marc Vidal winning 7-6 to win the event.

1st                      Marc Vidal                    $800.00
2nd                     Marcus Chamat            $390.00
3rd                     Victor Nau                    $300.00
4th                     Jorge Rodriquez            $100.00

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