9 Ball Open Singles Champions (L-R) Jerrod Frideres (3rd), Dustin Gunia (1st), Pedro Castro (2nd) and Cirino Caniglia (4th)

The 2009-2010 Lucasi Hybri All American Tour (produced by the American CueSports Alliance – ACS) highlighted four separate events Friday-Saturday, October 23-24 at Fort Crook Billiards in Bellevue, NE – The Nebraska Invitational. The final four in the Men’s 9-Ball Singles witnessed Pedro Castro (Omaha, NE) defeating Cirino Caniglia (Omaha, NE) 7-4 in the winner’s bracket semifinals, while Jerrod Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) joined Castro by outpointing his wife, Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA), 7-5. In the winner’s finals, Pedro knocked off Jerrod Frideres 7-5 to take the undefeated seat. In the loser’s bracket semifinals, Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) eliminated Caniglia 7-4 and claimed a position in the tourney finals by ousting Jerrod Frideres at 3rd place, 7-5. Gunia continued his hot pace in the finals against Castro by taking two close sets over Pedro Castro, 7-6, 7-5 for the title!

The Women’s 8-Ball Singles came down to a playoff between Jessica Frideres and Becky Anderson (Omaha, NE) – both with 3-1 match records in the event. Frideres clipped Anderson on the hill 4-3 in the deciding set to claim the division win!


8 Ball Open Singles Champions (L-R) Pedro Castro (1st), Dustin Gunia (2nd) and Alfredo Carrillo (3rd)

In the Men’s 8-Ball Singles, Pedro Castro went looking for revenge against Dustin Gunia – and he found it. Castro again claimed the hot seat in this division as well – finishing with A-side semifinals and finals wins over Dustin Gunia 5-4 and Alfredo Carillo (Omaha, NE) 5-3 respectively. Gunia tried to repeat his results from the previous 9-ball event by eliminating Zack Willis (Omaha, NE) 5-3 in the B-side semifinals and Carrillo in the B-side finals 5-4. In the tourney finals however, Pedro Castro put the stopper in and toppled Gunia 5-3 for the division win!


Scotch Doubles Champions (L-R) Jessica Frideres & Dustin Gunia (1st), Scott and Glenna Jones (3rd), Becky Anderson & Pedro Castro (2nd)

The Scotch Doubles 8-Ball division went to form, as the team of Pedro Castro/Becky Anderson eliminated GlennaJones/Scott Jones 4-3 in the B-side finals. Dustin Gunia/Jessica Frideres teamed up to take the tourney finals with a 4-2 win over Castro/Anderson!

By virtue of Dustin Gunia, Zack Willis and Jessica Frideres being the highest-finishing ACS members in the various singles divisions, they each qualified for a free 9-Ball singles entry into the 2010 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas – courtesy of the ACS. The ACS wishes to thank sponsors Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Championship Billiard Fabric, Nick Varner Signature Cases, oZone Billiards and Pool Cue Guru for their support in donating “Value-In-Kind” product for this and all stops on the Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour. Sponsorship opportunities and tour stop openings are still available for the 2009/2010 All American Tour by contacting the ACS.


8 Ball Women’s Singles Champions (L-R) Becky Anderson (2nd), Jessica Frideres (1st) and Dot Cyr (3rd)

The Tour splits off into three events in Arizona and Illinois the weekend of November 7-8, as two tour stops (separate Men’s and Women’s 8-Ball) are being conducted during the $5,000 added Southwest Amateur Pocket Billiards Championships at Skip & Jan’s Sports Bar in Tempe, AZ, November 8 (call 480-598-8611), while Pockets Billiards will produce a $500-added 8-Ball Tour Stop in Crestwood, IL (contact Dan Taylor at 630-399-8890). Further information, entry details and schedules for the 2009-2010 Tour are available at

Final Results:
9 Ball Open Singles
1st Place Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) $220 + Free 9-Ball Singles entry to ACS Nationals
2nd Place Pedro Castro (Omaha, NE) $165
3rd Place Jerrod Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) $105
4th Place Cirino Caniglia (Omaha, NE) $50
8 Ball Open Singles
1st Place Pedro Castro (Omaha, NE) $230
2nd Place Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) $175
3rd Place Alfredo Carrillo (Omaha, NE) $105
4th Place Zack Willis (Omaha, NE) Free 9-Ball Singles entry to ACS Nationals
8 Ball Women’s Singles
1st Place Jessica Frideres (Omaha, NE) $150 + Free 9-Ball Singles entry to ACS Nationals
2nd Place Becky Anderson (Omaha, NE) $125
3rd Place Dot Cyr (Omaha, NE) $100
Scotch Doubles 8 Ball
1st Place Jessica Frideres & Dustin Gunia $210
2nd Place Becky Anderson & Pedro Castro $120
3rd Place Charlie (Glenna) Jones & Scott Jones $60

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