The Eagle Flys Again

18 of Maine’s finest players came out for the annual Maine State 14.1 Championship hosted at TJ’s Classic Billiards.

TJ's Classic Billiards - Maine State 14.1 Championship

Some of the favorites to win this event were TJ LaFlamme, Cody Francis, & Dave “the Eagle” Hall.  As usual, the pool gods made the random draw in this double elimination event ironic.

Room owner Steve Reynolds drew heavy favorite TJ LaFlamme in the first round and watched TJ run 99 balls in the race to 100.  Also, John “Chief” Francis drew his son Cody Francis in the first round and watched his son run balls, eventually winning the match 100 – 71.

The Chief battled all the way through the losers bracket to play his son again for the 3rd and 4th place.  Cody was riding high as he had just beat TJ for the first time ever and again beat his dad 100 – 70.

Portland room owner, Kerry Herbert, also upset TJ and then Dave Hall to win the hot seat. After that, Dave Hall “The Eagle” flew through Cody and Kerry to win $650 and the Maine State Trophy.

Hanna Captures Castle Billiards

Castle Billiards

East Rutherford, NJ

Jan 23, 2010

(photo left to right are Tri Chau (second place), Bill Focaccia (tour director) and Ra Hanna (winner) holding the Pechauer cue)

Ra Hanna went to the hot seat after some early close matches and sent Dave Shlemperis to the loser side in the hot seat match.

Meanwhile, on the loser’s side, Tri Chau was on his way to winning 5 matches in a row for a shot at the title.

In the semifinal, Shlemperis took a commanding 4-1 lead until Chau comes back winning the next 5 racks finishing with the last 2 racks making the 9 on the break.

Ironically, in the finals against Hanna, Chau took a 5-2 lead till Hanna wins the next 4 racks ending it with a 9 on the break.

The tristate tour would like to thank Ozone Billiards for supplying us with a Pechauer custom cue that was given to the winner of the tourney.

1st  $500  Ra Hanna

2nd  $350  Tri Chau

3rd  $200  Dave Shlemperis

4th  $140  Annie Flores

5/6  $100  Randy Mackin, Pho Tran

7/8  $55  Minnie Trobiano, Andrew Boryszewski