Tour-Schedule Changes And Updates

Everyone, The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour would like to make everyone aware of the following changes to our current 2009/2010 season schedule. These changes are due to the untimely closing of 2 of our host rooms. here is what I have for now, but there may be other changes to follow soon. Billiard media, mags, web sites etc. should make the following changes to their publications immediately please. If there are any questions please call me at 518-356-7163.

1. The January 9-10 2010 event that was scheduled to be at Comet Billiards     (Parsippany NJ) is CANCELLED.

2. The February 27-28 event that was scheduled to be at Silver Cue Billiards    (Woburn Ma) is currently in the process of being relocated and rescheduled    Therefore this event is currently TBA

3. The May 1-2 event that was scheduled to be at Comet Billiards has been      relocated and rescheduled. The new venue and date will be    May 22-23 2010    Raxx Pool Room And Grill (W. Hempstead NY) $2,000 Added    516-538-9896    (Thank You Once Again Holden Chin!!)

Please remember to watch your email and check with me periodically regarding any future changes so that any confusion about the schedule can be

FYI, Thanks to Jerome Rockwell’s purchase of a beautiful Tony Zinzola Custom Cue (one of our generous sponsors- ) we have added another non winning player prize of a free trip to our August Turning Stone Classic XV. Jerome selected Caps Cue Club (March 6-7, Syracuse NY) as the site for this drawing. Any player in the Caps event (who has never won a Joss event) that finishes out of the money, will have a chance to win a Free paid entry And 3 Paid room nights at Turning Stone. The winner will be drawn just before the finals at Caps and you do not have to be present to win. This prize is a “use it or lose it” prize and cannot be sold or given away by the winner. The prize will be awarded to an alternate drawing winner if need be. I addition to the Caps drawing Stop # 15 April 10-11 at Raxx and Stop # 18 June 12-13 at Snookers are also non winning player events as well.

Once again I can’t tell you how important it is to SUPPORT all of our Sponsors and Host Rooms!! Please purchase their products and frequent their fine establishments (and tell your friends too) whenever you can. Thank You & Happy New Year!   Mike Zuglan

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BCA Releases 2010 Ranking Calendar

-Jerry Forsyth-

The Billiard Congress of America, via the WPA/BCA committee, has today released the list of events that are going to be used in calendar year 2010 as Points Ranking events.

These events are listed with their dates and contact information:

1) The US Open 10-Ball Championship. May 17-22. Mark Griffin.  702-719-7665

2) Turning Stone Summer. August 19-22. Mike Zuglan.  518-356-7163

3) The US Open 9-Ball Championship.  October 17-23. Barry Behrman  757-499-8900

4) The Seminole Tour Finale. Date in December TBD. Erica Bachelor.  954-985-5701

5) The Reno Open. Nov. 29-Dec. 6. Tony Annigoni. 831-277-0216

6) The Reno Invitational. Nov. 29-Dec. 6. Tony Annigoni. 831-277-0216

There may be at least two additions to the calendar as the year progresses. Turning Stone may schedule another December event, or may go back to their normal mid-winter dates. We will keep you posted. And Corey Deuel may have another event of which the format and rules are under discussion. Again, we will give plenty of notice on these events should they occur.

The BCA Ranking Events award points to the players according to their finishing position. It is these points that are used by the BCA to invite players to compete in international competitions such as the World 8-Ball, World 9-Ball and World Ten Ball Championships.  These same rankings are used by independent promoters such as Matchroom Sport as a factor in determining the make-up of their playing fields.