Rachel Wentz Takes Northern Lights Women

Rachel Wentz

Rachel Wentz

Rachel Wentz was the winner of the Women’s Division of the Northern Lights Shootout. She is from Minot, ND and plays at “The Rack” and stated the finals match went to a double hill and a safety game broke out. She said she finally got the layout she wanted and was able to get out to win the match. Unfortunately OTBnTV was not able to film the finals of the Women’s Division, but an article and results will be forthcoming ASAP.

Northern Lights Shootout Goes Prime Time

Northern Lights Shootout in Rugby, ND, the geographic center of North America will starts it’s weekend event with Prime Time coverage on OTBnTV.com

OTBnTVPlay will start between 5 and 6 pm Central and go until at least midnight with players vying for the finals on Sunday Dec 13th.

With over 75 pool players vying for the $5,000 added prize money, in the 11th year of the tournament. The community of Rugby, ND has pulled out all the stops. Partnering with local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, that helped put up signs all over town and on the major highways going through Rugby. A program was printed with past winners and information about the previous 10 years of the tournament. Mark Hamilton the president of the Northern Lights Shootout, and tournament director, stated he was happy with the turnout eventhough the weather played a factor in some players not showing up. The action inside was strong despite the minus 25 degrees on the outside. The Rugby Sports Boosters provided BBQ sandwiches, Hot Dogs, and my personal favorite “Taco in a Bag”. North Dakota Telephone Company headquarters in Devils Lake, ND provided the telephone and DSL service and worked closely with OTBnTV to keep the live streaming up and running.

Word came to the tournament director that at Fargo Billiards, in Fargo, ND they had every flat screen TV playing the Live Stream of the Northern Lights Shootout.

More information to follow.

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