Women at the World Cup of Pool

WPBA Players Proudly Represent Respective Countries
in PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool

The WPBA congratulates exempt WPBA pro’s selected to compete in the 2010 PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool. The competition will be held in Manila, Philippines at the Midtown Wing of Robinsons Place in Ermita, Manila from Tuesday, September 7th to Sunday, September 12th and will feature 32 teams (2) person teams, representing 31countries.
Women’s Professional Billiards Association superstars Ga Young Kim, Yu Ram Cha, and Jasmin Ouschan are set to compete against the best of the best in male competition.  Top male professionals include Johnny Archer, Daryl Peach, Rodney Morris, Dennis Orcollo, Niels Feijen, Mika Immonen, Oliver Ortmann, Karl Boyes, Fu Jianbo, Tony Drago and Marcus Chamat who will all be firing at a $250,000 prize fund.
Kim and Cha will make up the only “all female” team. These two heavy hitters pack a lot of firepower and routinely take on and take down some of the toughest male competition around.  Cha has proven herself to be a more than worthy opponent when pitted against her male counterparts.   She has career wins over Shane VanBoening, Thorsten Hohmann, and her own coach, Charlie Williams, just to name a few.  When asked about how she feels about being part of the only all female team, Yu Ram responded, “As the only “all female” team, I feel a small burden to play well. I guess I will learn from the world’s best players!” When asked about her feelings going into the event and her new teammate, Yu Ram responds, “I am very excited and I can’t wait to play. I missed not participating in this event last year due to circumstances beyond my control. I will do my best in upcoming matches with my partner, Ga Young. She is a veteran and has more experience than me. She and I have never played together so I am a little bit worried. On the other hand, I am very excited to play with her. Due to the importance of teamwork, I am trying to harmonize with her.” Kim and Cha will be up against team Italy, Bruno Muratore and Fabio Patroni,  in the first round.

In addition, Austrian native Jasmin Ouschan will also join the mix.  Ouschan, who is no stranger to the toughest of competition, finished 3rd in the World Straight Pool Championships where she defeated the #1 seed, Mika Immonen and top German pro, Oliver Ortmann on her way to the semi-finals. “It is an honor again to be selected to play in the World Cup of Pool. This year will be my third time and the best result was the fifth place in 2008. This year I am playing with a young upcoming player from Austria and I hope we can beat the fifth place from 2008. It is a tough event especially since there is no losers’ round but we are strong together and I hope we can show it in Manila‚” explained Ouschan. She will pair up with Mario He in this 32 team format and will face off with Holland’s Neils Fejien and Huidji See in the first round.

Event sponsor Luke Riches of Matchroom Sport says, “We always enjoy having female players in the PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool and will endeavour to include more as the standards rise. The ladies bring a different dimension to the tournament and they can play!”

For more information, please visit www.PartyPoker.net  and www.matchroompool.com.  Meet the ladies of the WPBA at www.wpba.com.

Jasmin Ouschan wins the 2009 WPBA Tour Champs


Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan

November 15th, 2009: Hollywood, FL The Finals were set as two fierce competitors entered the arena, ready to do battle for the title of the 2009 WPBA Tour Champion. Jasmin Ouschan is coming into this final poised to win her third WPBA title of the season, and Xiaoting was looking for her first win since the 2008 BCA Generationpool.com event. The crowd was amped up and ready for a great match as the competitors stepped into the arena for the lag which Jasmin won. She broke and pocketed two balls; the table layout was wide open with one exception, the 2 ball which was tied up with an unmake-able combo so Jasmin elected to play safe. Xiaoting kicked at the 2 ball, hitting it but leaving Jasmin an open shot for the side pocket. Jasmin ran out to take the first game of the match. Xiaoting broke and was forced to play a safety, and after a short exchange, Jasmin gained the advantage by making a tough cut on the 1 ball. She earned decent position on the 2 but missed it, perhaps thinking too much about getting to the 3 ball. Xiaoting took advantage of the error, running out to the 7 but she snookered herself behind the 9. She jumped and made the 7 in the side but the cue ball came right back around behind the 9 again! She chose to kick at it 2 rails and missed the ball entirely giving Jasmin ball in hand for the easy 1-2 punch to go up 2 games to nothing.
Jasmin broke in game 3, pocketing two balls with a touchy little cut on the 1 ball to start the rack. Nailing the shot beautifully, she sent the cue ball back and forth 3 times between the two side rails with position for the 2 ball up-table. From there it was just a matter of intense focus as Jasmin ran out to take a 3 game lead, 3-0. Xiaoting made the 1 ball on her break and after a tricky little cut on the 2 ball, continued on with the 3. She had left herself a long cut shot into the opposite corner pocket with only 4” separating the 3 and the cue ball and she undercut it slightly. She got another opportunity though when Jasmin missed the ball. Xiaoting made the 3 with great position on the 5 ball and ran out to WPBA 2009 Tour Championships – Final Match take her first game of the match, down 1-3. Jasmin had the break advantage in game 5, making the 1 and 3 balls with position for the 2 and put together her 3rd break and run of the match to go up 4-1. Xiaoting broke in game 6, pocketed a ball with position for the 2 and showed her stuff as she ran out and the score was now 4-2. That’s 4 breaks and runs in 6 games! Jasmin broke and although she made a ball, was forced to play safe. Xiaoting’s return safe came up dry as she left Jasmin a long shot on the 2. Pocketing the ball, Jasmin continued on and ran out the rest of the rack to go up 5-2 on Xiaoting. This was proving to be a fast match! Xiaoting’s break came up dry and the two became embroiled in a safety battle on the 3 ball. Xiaoting blinked first, allowing Jasmin yet another run out opportunity which she took full advantage of, and was on the hill, up 6-2.

WPBA Tour Finals

WPBA Tour Finals

Jasmin broke and she pocketed a ball but missed the 1 ball which set off a safety battle between them. Xiaoting ended up leaving Jasmin snookered behind the 7 and partially the 6 ball for the 2, all lined up across the short side of the table. The crowd cheered as Jasmin jumped the 7 ball, missing the 6 and hitting the 2 dead center of the side pocket for position on the next ball and she ran out for a final score of 7-2 and winning the title of the 2009 WPBA Tour Champion and her 3rd title of the season. Could the 2009 Player of the Year award be far behind? We’ll have to wait and see! That’s a wrap for the 2009 WPBA Season!
As always, the WPBA would like to give many thanks to our hosts, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and staff, especially Tribal Chairman Mr. David Cypress, and all the folks at Seminole Media Productions; Elrod Bowers, Dennis Pellarin, Bobby Frank, Erica and Lakisha. Special thanks to all our shot clock volunteers, especially Janis Holliman who earns the diehard fan of the tournament award. Thanks to Gene Weaver, APA League Operator here in the Ft. Lauderdale area. To the fans, you rocked the Hard Rock! And of course, to our sponsors: The American Pooplayers Association, Aramith, Brunswick Billiards, Cuetec Cues, Mueller Recreational Products, Pooldawg.com and Simonis, Inc. for another great season and their support of the Women’s Professional Billiard Association.