Henson and Sanders Claim Round Rock

(pictured: Kim Sanders, Jennifer Kraber)

Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Austin, Texas drew 52 entries at the latest Lone Star extravaganza held November 6th-7th. The $1,350 added stop featured Open 9-Ball, Ladies 9-Ball, and One Pocket events all sponsored by Poison Billiards, Delta-13 Rack, Leagueshirts.com, Poolwebsites.com, and Barnett Ranching. The new white delta-13 rack with rack-n-ball carrying case made its Lone Star Tour debut complete with personalized leather inserts. It was a huge hit!

Saturday’s main event produced few upsets and pitted David Henson v. Casey Crews and James Davis Sr. v. Jason Hunt on the winners’ side for Sunday. On the one-loss side, Doug Young faced off with John Neumann and Brian Sanders met Drew McCoy. From the winners’ side emerged Henson v. Davis and Hunt v. Sanders on the one-loss side.  Davis lost the hot seat 9-6 to Henson while Hunt fell prey to Sanders 7-4.  Sanders ousted Davis 7-5 for a shot at Henson. Both men played a speedy final where Henson jumped to a 3-1 lead, then 5-2 over Sanders. The final score favored an undefeated Henson, 9-7.

The ladies event drew 17 players along with Jennifer Kraber, Nicole McDaniel, Kim Sanders, and Loretta Lindgren, who all made it to the final four winners’ side.  Kraber defeated McDaniel and Sanders bested Lindgren for a Kraber v. Sanders hot seat match. On the west side, it was Rapp over Bartz 5-4 while Sanders sent Kraber west 7-4. Kraber advanced to meet Sanders in the final. It was 6-3 Sanders when Kraber came alive and made it hill hill. In the final game, Kraber missed a crucial 7-ball which ultimately cost her the set 7-6.  Congratulations to Kim Sanders and David Henson who won their first Open event titles and James Davis Sr. who captured the One Pocket event.

Open Payouts:

1st David Henson $680

2nd Brian Sanders $480

3rd James Davis Sr. $290

4th Jason Hunt $190

5th-6th Doug Young, Casey Crews $100

7th-8th David Neumann, Drew McCoy $45

Ladies Payouts:

1st Kim Sanders $260

2nd Jennifer Kraber $180

3rd Julia Rapp $110

4th Jasmine Bartz $55

One Pocket:

1st James Davis Sr. $260


(photo: Jason Brown)

It was another outstanding Lone Star event held at the ever so accommodating Slick Willie’s Family Pool Hall on Westheimer @ Dairy Ashford in beautiful Houston, Texas. All in all there were 66 entrants in four divisions who played for over $5,000 in prize money.  Among the Open 10-Ball and One Pocket Divisions were Jason Brown, Andy Jethwa, David Gutierrez, Nick Hood, Marc Garza, and Charlie Bryant along with touring regulars Rodney Stewart, Will Felder, Kerry Ganther and Grady Cooper, just to name a few.

Saturday’s first 3 rounds of play yielded a new look for the winners’ side with  APA Champion Don Bullard v. Grady Cooper, Alex Cardenas v. North Carolina’s Jason Brown, Danny Lee v. Andy Jethwa and Victor “Champion” Rojas v. David Gutierrez. Charlie Bryant found himself in unfamiliar territory when he was eliminated on Saturday by Brown 9-6 and Marc Garza 7-4.  On Sunday, Garza, Sonny Bosshamer, Blaine Barcus and Rodney Stewart waited in the wings while the east side produced Bullard v. Brown, and Lee v. Rojas.  Jethwa, Gutierrez, and Cardenas advanced on the left along with Barcus who was the only one of the original four who made it another round.  On the east side, Bullard fell to Brown 9-3 and Lee bested Rojas 9-5. Ultimately it was Jethwa v. Gutierrez and Barcus v. Cardenas on the west side. Gutierrez bested Jethwa then Bullard to reach Rojas who was on a streak of his own. Rojas sent Gutierrez west earlier 9-8 but Gutierrez exacted his revenge 7-1.  Meanwhile Jason Brown’s determination landed him in the hot seat 9-4 over Lee. Gutierrez made quick work of Lee but fell in the final to the undefeated Brown 9-5.

There were 12 ladies who appeared in full force on Sunday. Tournament hopefuls included, Ricki Casper, Tisha Hay, Robyn Petrosino, Yvette Reyes, and former pros Deanna Kniola and Ming Ng. It was Ng over Kniola 7-6 for the hot seat and on the west side, Belinda Lee over Casper. Kniola finished a respectable third while Ng took down Lee in the final 7-3.

Congratulations to David Gutierrez who captured the One Pocket event and Robyn Petrosino who won the 17 and under Juniors event.

LSBT extends many thanks to its sponsors; Poison Cues, Delta-13 Rack, PoolWebsites.com, LeagueShirts.com, and Barnett Ranching.

The next event will be held at Crazy 8’s Family Pool Hall in Port Arthur, Texas October 16th-17th.

Open Payouts (44 Entrants)

1st Jason Brown $700

2nd David Gutierrez $460

3rd Danny Lee $350

4th Victor Rojas $230

5th-6th Don Bullard, Alex Cardenas $120

7th-8th Andy Jethwa, Blaine Barcus $80

9th-12th Marc Garza, Sonny Bosshamer, Grady Cooper, Rodney Stewart $45

13th-16th Wally Escobar, Rauli Parvala, Nick Hood, Gerson Zelizondo


1st $700

2nd $500

3rd $350

4th $100

5th-6th $50

Ladies Payouts (12 Entrants)

1st Ming Ng $230

2nd Belinda Lee $150

3rd Deanna Kniola $100

4th Ricki Casper $50

5th-6th Robyn Petrosino, Yvette Reyes

7th-8th Loretta Lindgren, Jasmine Bartz

9th-12th Tisha Hay, Mandy Wood, Cindy Parvala, Judy Alvarez


1st $85

2nd $35

One Pocket Payouts (5 Entrants)

1st David Gutierrez $225

2nd Jason Brown $100


1st 60

Junior Payouts (5 Entrants)

1st Robyn Petrosino $50

2nd Nicholas Calderaro $25